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The Confessional Lutheran web page was originally created with the hope that it would to serve and connect those who desire to remain faithful to the Word of God and the Lutheran Confessions as they have been delivered to us.

Today, the Confessional Lutheran web page serves Confessional Lutherans as a repository of dependable, Biblical, and Confessional materials.

Check our Links page for other sites that provide resources.

We invite you to come often and download the papers and Bible Studies and Sermons which we post for your own use. These include:

an exciting analysis: The Theology of the Church Growth Movement: -- An Evaluation of Kent Hunter's Confessions by Klemet Preus (reprinted from the Epiphany 2001 Logia),

a paper delivered in 1993, LUTHER: Word, Doctrine, and Confession, by Dr. Robert Preus,

an examination of the state of the believer in relation to sin : What's So Original about Sin? by Pastor Charles St-Onge;

a thought provoking study on Communion Distribution: Communion Distribution for the Sake of the Gospel by Pastor Erik Rottmann;

an examination of the issues swirling around the controversy over the September 23, 2001 A Prayer for America : Christian Compassion and Civic Prayer by Rev. Joel A. Brondos;

and a look at the 1970's Walkout at the St. Louis Seminary : The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Holiday from History by Rev. Daniel Preus, at the time the Director of the Concordia Historical Institute.

There will be more coming from time to time, from pastors and professors who simply want to be a blessing to you and to the Church.

We welcome solid, confessional materials for consideration for posting on this site. You can send them to the e-mail or the "snail-mail" address below.

Your participation will help this site fulfill its mission and fill the great need among faithful Lutherans to be linked together for mutual support, encouragement, and consolation as we fight the good fight of faith.

We value your comments -- and you are invited to use our Guestbook to greet us, and tell us what you think, and leave suggestions for the future.

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